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Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence Department

Summer 2022: Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Computer Graphics

Christian Theobalt   Marc Habermann   Thomas Leimk├╝hler  

Computer Vision strives to develop algorithms for understanding, interpreting and reconstructing information about real-world scenes from image and video data. Computer Graphics focuses on image synthesis: algorithms to build and edit static and dynamic virtual worlds and to display them in photorealistic or stylized ways. Machine Learning is concerned with studying and developing algorithms which use statistical models to solve problems by analyzing and drawing inference from data. In recent years, these fields have converged more and more. Both Computer Vision and Computer Graphics create and exploit models describing the visual appearance of objects and scenes, while the most successful models heavily utilize ideas from Machine Learning. In this seminar series, we will cover advanced research topics that cross the boundaries between the fields of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and Machine Learning. This seminar will cover research papers from the following topics: