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Mission and Topics 

Our group conducts research at the intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, and Machine Learning. One long term goal and vision is to develop algorithms, which enable a complete analysis of dynamic and detailed humans. This, for example, involves 4D capture of the human surface, motion capture, lighting estimation, and surface appearance capture. However, not only the analysis of humans is in the focus of our research, but our group also explores new techniques for photorealistic human synthesis by combining concepts from Graphics, Vision, and Machine Learning.
In summary, our research interests include but are not limited to:

  • Human performance capture
  • Human synthesis
  • Body, hand, and face capture
  • Physics-based capture
  • Motion synthesis and human scene interaction
  • Dynamic neural scene representations
  • Differentiable rendering

Spotlight Publications

Full list of publications can be found here


Current researchers affiliated with the GVDH Group

Dr. Marc Habermann

Research group leader

Human performance capture and synthesis
Motion capture
Hand tracking
Differentiable rendering


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GVDH Group

Let's capture and synthesize detailed 4D digital humans from the real world!